Tips for buying an iPhone

MyWirelessWarehouse’s Checklist For Safely Buying Used IPhones

  •   Start by inspecting the entire phone for any cracks, dents or hairline fractures in the screen, back or casing
  •   Turn the phone on (If seller has reset phone, connect the iPhone to the internet and go through the setup process) do not add iTunes or a password.
  •   Open the “Camera” app and take a test picture and video
  •   Switch the view to front facing camera and take another test picture
  •   Check the mute switch and both volume buttons on left side of phone
  •   Open the “Settings” app and scroll down to “Sounds.” Slide the sound bar

    back and forth and make sure you can hear.

  •   Go to “Wallpapers and Brightness” and check to make sure the brightness

    slider works and the brightness of the screen changes

  •   Scroll down and select “iCloud” and make sure there is no apple ID attached

    to the phone. (Never buy an iPhone with an iTunes account attached to it)

  •   In the “Settings” section, go to “General” and then “About.” Confirm that the

    amount of Gigabytes matches the seller’s description. (All iPhones will have

    about 2-4 less gigabytes due to the apps pre-installed on them)

  •   Confirm that the wireless carrier correctly matches the carrier you want to

    activate the phone with.

  •   While still in “About” section, Scroll down & find the MEID of the phone. Call

    the carrier’s 800 # and ask customer service to perform a MEID verification. Confirm the phone is not on the lost or stolen list and check to make sure the phone has been de-activated and no longer associated with any account.

  •   Finally, open the settings app, select “General,” and scroll to bottom and select “Reset” then select “Erase all Content & Settings” then “Erase iPhone” and “Erase iPhone” again. If it asks for iTunes password, have seller enter password or do not buy this phone
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